A creative duality of music and live performance with an outspoken artistic vision. ANEZ is a skillful Hungarian indie-electronic duo with a symbiotic bond of experimental sounds, visuals and theatrical sceneries, formed by Anesz Szalai (Vocals, Keys, Samplers, Fx) and Zoltan Demeter (Bass, Samplers, Keys, Fx). Their debut album called 'Dust' were released in 2013 by Chi-Recordings.

"It's wonderfully futuristic - tech, but with a soul, electronic, but with melody - kind of like Bjork in a jet plane with Kraftwerk & Aphex Twin." - Simon Sixsmith, 2419 Record Label

"...the emphasis is on the way of expression and the message. ANEZ points out to further possibilities in alternative music that there are still uncharted territories to discover..." - Chi-Recordings

In 2013, they collaborated with Psix Project and Szkéné Theatre as music composers for the contemporary dance project called ’11 - Fabula Fatalis’. Anesz Szalai also took one of the major role of the performance that combined dance, live music, visuals and interactive technologies in order to tell a story about the thin line between reality and imagination.

Their second album 'Listen Closely' is digitally available worldwide in fall 2014. New songs were inspired by big cities like Budapest or Tokyo where they could play live, collaborate and live. Lyrically, this time Anesz started to write about her emotions reflected to those challenging and extreme happenings of this strange year of 2014. The title of the album refers to all inner stories, memories, pictures, places or other human beings that Listeners will find in their mind during hearing this new collection of songs. 



ANEZ //  anez@anez.hu



"Nem csak bulizni lehet a gépzenére"  - Listen Closely Remixes rewiew by Antropos

"Az biztos, hogy a Dust nagyratörő album…" – Rónai András, Quart.hu

"Néztem a szürreális vetítést és benne a két, szinte lebegő figurát…" – Karafiáth Orsolya, Magyar Narancs

"…elektronikusan alternatív vagy alternatívan elektronikus a mi zenénk…" – Interview with Anesz, issuu.com

"Avantgárd elektronika – Itt az ANEZ új lemeze!"  - NOWmagazine


ANEZ: "Listen Closely Remixes" Ep - Mamazone


UNFRAMED RECORDS: Take Off -  ANEZ - "Enemy" single on a 14 track compilation album

ANEZ: "Listen Closely" LP - Mamazone
ANEZ: "Dust Remixes" EP - Chi-Recordings


CHI RECORDINGS: CHI050 - Allstars Uncovered LP "Walk Alone" (ANEZ single)
ANEZ: "11 - Fabula Fatalis" (performed live in PSIX project, soundtrack of the contemporary dance project) self released
ANEZ: "Dust" LP - Chi-Recordings


ANEZ: "Mavanama" LP - self release